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Anna Maria Inshore Fishing LLC

Captains Name: Capt. Kyle Taylor
USCG License : Licensed and Insured
Types of Charters: BackCountry,  Flats
State Region: South West
Fishing Locations: Tampa Bay,  Sarasota,  Bradenton,  Anna Maria Island,  Long Boat Key
Catch of the Day: Cobia,  Flounder,  Redfish,  Snook,  Tarpon,  Trout
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Boat Name:  Anna Maria Island Fishing  
Boat Equipment:  The Charter Fishing Boat BOAT The boat is a 2016 custom built 24ft T-Craft. This boat is built locally in Bradenton by a renowned boat builder and fabricator, Scott Schoof. This boat is like no other boat you have been on. It is extremely wide which allows clients to have plenty of room while they are fishing. This boat is the best of both worlds and is considered to be a hybrid boat because it can go on the flats of Tampa bay in 8” of water and can handle the rough seas of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay with ease. MOTOR The motor on my boat is a 2016 Yamaha 250 4 stroke. The Yamaha 250 4 stroke is dependable and reliable, offering a no worry fishing adventure. This motor has plenty of power to get us to any fishing spot whether it’s the far reaches of lower Tampa Bay, 7 miles off Anna Maria Island, or to Sarasota Bay. Because it’s a 4 stroke, the motor is also amazingly quite to allow us to sneak up on any fishing spot during a charter. LIVEWELL The livewell is custom built to hold as much bait as possible. This livewell is approximately 50 gals to keep enough bait alive for any typical fishing charter. The livewell has two (2) pumps providing 3,000 gallons of water an hour to the livewell. TRIM TABS The trim tabs are on the rear transom of the boat at the waterline and are controlled by switches located near the helm of the boat. The trim tabs provide a comfortable, smoother, and better ride compared to boat that do not have them. I am able to level the boat out when there is an uneven weight distribution on the boat. Also, during rough seas I can engage the trim tabs in order to lower the nose of the boat to break the waves and provide a more comfortable ride for clients on their fishing charter. In addition, with trim tabs I can take off in shorter distances and in shallower water than boats without them. TOWER A spotting tower is a must for a fishing guide around our area. The higher you are the more you can see. They help us see and find fish, including schools of Redfish, Tarpon, Permit, and Snook. They also help in navigating the shallow waters of lower Tampa Bay, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, and Sarasota Bay and it gets you fishing sooner. GPS/SOUNDER This boat has a top of the line Garmin GPS and Sounder. It has the capabilities to do traditional sounding, down imaging, and side scan along with a host of other advanced features to improve our chances of catching the “big one”. Not only does the state of the art GPS/Sounder help with finding the fish it also helps me in finding and catching bait faster and easier. STORAGE My boat has plenty of storage for you personal items that you would like to store while on a fishing charter. You can store small to medium sized bags in the compartments I have available for clients. COOLER The cooler on board will be stocked with ice for all your drinks and food. SEATING There is plenty of seating on my boat to make your fishing trip enjoyable and relaxing. Most of the time when we are fishing we will be standing up but when we are traveling from spot to spot you can take advantage of the seating option on the boat. PUSH POLE On my boat I have a long fiberglass push pole that allows us to be stealthy when we approach fishing areas on shallow grass flats. I use the boat motor to get use close to the fishing spot and then use the push pole to get us the rest of the way. Fish can be sensitive to noises and can sometimes feel the pressure of the boat, that’s why I use the push pole to sneak up on the spot to give us the best chance of catching fish on your fishing charter with me. SAFETY EQUIPMENT My boat is equipment with all the required safety gear prescribed by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) including; at least six (6) Type I personal floatation devices (PFD) with lights, one (1) throw-able PFD, navigation lights, first aid kit, day/night visual distress signal, sounding device, fire extinguisher, two (2) 1500 GPH bilge pumps. Captain Kyle is a registered and licensed Captain through the Untied States Coast Guard (USCG). He is also carries a charter licensed through the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) which covers clients so they do not have to obtain a fishing license. He is also fully insured through Charter Lakes Marine Insurance Company. Captain Kyle is also a Florida licensed and registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and is licensed in providing CPR through the American Heart Association. SWIM PLATFORM Some clients what to get in the water and the swim platform allows them to get in and out of the water comfortably. SHADE My boat has some shade on it as well for those hot summer days. I have a small shade extension off my tower.

About Us!
Looking for Anna Maria Island Fishing Charters…well you’ve found the right place. Anna Maria Inshore Fishing LLC with Captain Kyle Taylor offers fishing trips for Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas including Bradenton, Longboat Key, Holmes Beach, Sarasota, Bradenton Beach, St. Petersburg, and the Tampa Bay areas. We provide affordable guided fishing trips targeting Tarpon, Redfish, Snook, Trout, Shark, and a vast amount of other fish that call the Gulf of Mexico home. Join fishing charter guide, Capt. Kyle Taylor for a fishing adventure that will be exciting and memorable. Fishing Anna Maria Island and the Bradenton area is like no other fishing adventure you have ever been on, with the endless mangrove shorelines and the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay providing a tranquil fishing experience. Anna Maria fishing guide Capt. Kyle provides exceptional service with his years of experience around the water of Anna Maria Island. We accommodate all ages and experience levels and we can put you on your first catch or your big catch when you go on a fishing trip with us

My Fishing Roots

Captain Kyle Taylor is a fourth generation Floridian from the Bradenton and Sarasota area. Captain Kyle is also third generation fisherman. Captain Kyle has a dedicated passion for fishing and the local waters surrounding Anna Maria Island. His love for fishing started when he was a young boy and continued to grow and develop as a teenager and then his enthusiasm for fishing matured as an adult.

Captain Kyle’s grandfather, Joe Dorman, fished the areas of Sarasota Bay, Anna Maria Island, and Lower Tampa Bay since he was a teenager in the 1940’s. Joe fished for mullet and loved catching Snook in the winter time near the rivers and creeks of Sarasota Bay. Captain Kyle’s mother, Cindy, would help her father catch mullet on local bridges in the Bradenton and Sarasota areas in the winter time.

Captain Kyle’s father, Jim, took on the same passion for fishing. He fished Sarasota Bay, Anna Maria Island, and Lower Tampa Bay when he was growing up. Jim took Captain Kyle and his brother Captain Ryan out when they were around three year’s old fishing for bass and bluegill. When both Captain Kyle and his brother grew up their father took them every weekend fishing in Lower Tampa Bay and around Anna Maria Island.

Teenage Fishing Anna Maria Island

As a teenager, Captain Kyle would spend his nights and weekends fishing with friends. He would climb down the Longboat Key Bridge in the middle of the night fishing for big Snook off the fenders of the bridge. Captain Kyle would also fish from shore around the Bradenton Beach or along Anna Maria Sound. When Captain Kyle was not in school he was fishing. By the age of fourteen he was fishing Terra Ceia Bay, Anna Maria Island, Palma Sola Bay, Lower Tampa Bay, and Sarasota Bay on a regular basis.

Captain Kyle saved his money and bought his first boat when he was fifteen for $800. The boat was a 14 foot john boat with a 9.9 hp motor. At sixteen Captain Kyle was able to drive and was taking his boat out to explore and fish new areas of Anna Maria Island and Lower Tampa Bay. He was hooked on catching Tarpon, Redfish, Trout, and Snook. By the time Captain Kyle was nineteen he bought a 19ft Carolina Skiff and began fishing whenever he was not working. By his early twenties he bought his third boat, 21ft Aquasport, and started fishing local tournaments with success. At the age of thirty Captain Kyle had won, with friends, all of the local fishing tournaments and decided to make his passion a career.

Becoming a Charter Fishing Guide

In 2010, Captain Kyle and his brother, Captain Ryan, took a leap from working on land and they both got their USCG Captains License. They both began charter fishing full time and have been devoted to taking people out fishing ever since. Around this same time Captain Kyle and his brother began commercial fishing in the months of late November through February for Mullet.

Every time Captain Kyle is on the water he is learning new techniques, fish patterns, or new areas which have never been fished before. Captain Kyle says, “When you are fishing for a living and making memories for clients you always have to be learning. If you are not learning or wanting to learning every time you go out fishing you need to find something new to do. Things are always changing and fish are always moving, you better be able to move with the fish”. Whether beginner, novice, expert, young, or old Captain Kyle truly enjoys what he does and loves taking people out to enjoy the local waters which he grew up on and has a passion for.

Captain Kyle has a vast network of other local Captains that he works with in order to always find and stay on the fish. His network of Captains stretches from Sarasota, Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, Bradenton, and Lower Tampa Bay. Captain Kyle is usually booked throughout the year and if you can’t book a fishing charter with Captain Kyle, due to no vacancy, he can provide you with the names of other quality and reputable local Captains that will put you on the fish.

Captain Kyle is a registered and licensed Captain through the Untied States Coast Guard (USCG). He is also carries a charter licensed through the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) which covers clients so they do not have to obtain a fishing license while on a fishing charter with Captain Kyle. He is also fully insured through Charter Lakes Marine Insurance Company. Captain Kyle is also a Florida licensed and registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) and is certified in providing CPR through the American Heart Association.

The Captain's Family

Captain Kyle is married to his wife, Amber, and together they have a daughter, Addison. When Captain Kyle is not on the water taking people on fishing charters he loves spending time with his family. Captain Kyle also spends time working on boats and does mostly all his own maintenance on his custom boats for charter fishing and commercial fishing. Captain Kyle was born and raised as a hard working charter captain that will do whatever it takes to put you on the fish.


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